The creators of Magnetic Wallpaper now lead the Sector

MagScapes began the magnetic wall revolution in 2006 with MagPrint - the first patented magnetic wallpaper. They changed how wall spaces were used - from old traditional static displays to new interactive canvasses that may be used time and again.

The new trend has spawned a new entrants to the market offering ferrous-based; paints, panels and plasters creating the 'Magnetic Wall Sector'.

So why stay with wallcoverings? Ten years of customer feedback confirm that MagScapes wallcoverings are easier to install and use - with generic adhesives that work on all wall types. To that end, MagScapes are committed to wallcoverings but have modified them to provide for even more magnetic applications.

The 2016 wallcoverings range now includes;

  • MagLiner - a liner that can be covered with any fabric, wallpaper or print
  • MagWrite - a writeable wallcovering with a gloss or matt finish which works with projectors
  • MagPaintable - a ready-primed wallcovering for direct painting to match any colourway
  • MagPrint - a printable wallcovering for custom images or maps

MagScapes materials are specified for use in;

  • Offices; meeting rooms, reception areas, hot desks and break-out areas
  • Homes; study areas, feature walls and play areas
  • Kids; schools, special needs and hospitals
  • Commercial; hotels, exhibitions, retail and restaurants

Click to download the MagScapes Product Guide for details on the latest range of materials including;

  • Wallcoverings range
  • Magnet range
  • Special finishes
  • Custom print and cut services
  • Installation guide

To see how others have used our materials please look at the Public GalleryAll products benefit from Free UK Delivery.

MagScapes Limited is a British innovation company with close ties to UK's architect, building, decorator and interiors trade associations. Products are manufactured in the UK and China and delivered from warehouses in the UK and US. For more information call free 0800 804 4936.

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