Magnetise a wall - and it will stay forever interesting!

Imagine changing how your walls look from one moment to the next - with magnets its simple, safe and fun. MagScapes wallcoverings contain ferrous particles so magnets grip to the surface (much like a fridge door). Low power magnets can be used for display purposes, high power magnets to hold items such as plans, drawings or photos.

Magnet-receptive wallpaper was invented and patented by MagScapes in 2006. Today, the company makes and sells the widest range of wallcoverings and magnets for areas that include:

  • Office: meeting rooms, reception areas, hot desks and break out areas
  • Home: study areas, feature walls and play areas
  • Kids: schools, special needs and hospitals
  • Commercial: hotels, exhibitions, retail and restaurants

MagScapes is a British company with head office and showroom in London. Products are manufactured in the UK and China and held in warehouses in the UK and US. For more information call Free 0800 804 4936.

Click to download the MagScapes Product Guide for details on the latest range of materials including:

  • Wallcoverings range
  • Magnet range
  • Special finishes
  • Custom Print and Cut Services
  • Installation Guide

To see how others have used our materials please look at the Public GalleryAll products benefit from Free UK Delivery.

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