Magnetic Wallpaper means you can do more with the same space

Imagine if one wall could change from simple decoration to work planner, play area or learning environment - this is the idea behind MagScapes. Using magnets on walls enables continuous change and makes any wall 'activity efficient'.

In 2006, MagScapes invented the first magnet-receptive printable wallpaper to enable magnets to work on interior walls. The wallcovering could be pasted to any wall, printed with any printer and worked with low power magnets. We now manufacture a wide range of magnetic wallcoverings in UK and China, have a showroom in London and sell products worldwide. MagScapes is the leading brand and provider of magnetic materials for commercial and private interiors.

See the Materials range for plain wallcoverings and magnets, Collections for designer, custom and kids products.

Click to download the MagScapes Product Guide for details on the latest range of materials including:

  • MS Plus: A Liner, Dry Erase and Paintable wallcovering that works with low and high power magnet
  • MS Lite: The original printable wallcovering that works with low power magnets
  • MagScapes Custom Print and Cut Service
  • Installation Guide

To see how others have used our materials please look at the Public Gallery. For more information please call +44 (0)7966 193258.

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