Magnetise a wall and it will never look the same again

Imagine changing how walls look from one moment to the next - with magnets its easy, safe and fun. MagScapes wallcoverings contain ferrous powder so, like a fridge door, you can use magnets to display or hold attractive things. And unlike stickers, magnets are easy to move around - to keep things fresh.

Typical uses include:
- display areas
- brain storming
- galleries
- learning zones
- teaching areas
- creative zones
- branding areas
- notice boards
- art installations

MagScapes invented the first magnet-receptive wallpaper back in 2006. Today, the company manufactures the widest range of materials for: paint, digital print, wallpaper, fabric, dry erase and chalkboard finishes. All wallcoverings are easy to install using regular wallpaper paste and meet the highest performance, safety and environmental standards. 

Click to download the MagScapes Product Guide for details on the latest range of materials including:

  • MS Plus: Liner, Dry Erase and Paintable wallcoverings for low and high power magnet
  • MS Lite: The original printable wallcovering for low power magnets
  • Finishes include: Black Chalk Board, White Dry Erase
  • MagScapes Custom Print and Cut Service
  • Installation Guide

To see how others have used our materials please look at the Public Gallery.

MagScapes is a British company with head office in Clerkenwell, London. Products are made in UK and China and sold via this websiteAll products benefit from Free UK Delivery.

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