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1. MagScapes the company

The Company

The 0800 Freephone

Where can I buy MagScapes

Free UK Delivery Terms

Wallcovering Hanging Issues

Returns Policy and Terms of Sale

2. Who uses Magnetic Wallcoverings

The people that specify magnetic wallcoverings

The places magnetic wallcoverings are used

3. Wallcoverings Explained

MagScapes wallcoverings - how they work with magnets

MagScapes wallcoverings - safety

MagScapes wallcoverings - how to install

MagScapes wallcoverings - how to paint

MagScapes wallcoverings - care instructions

MagScapes wallcoverings - configurations

MagScapes wallcoverings - can they be applied to ceilings

4. MagLiner - wallcovering explained

MagLiner - features and benefits

MagLiner - grey finish plain

MagLiner - beneath wallpaper, digital print or fabric

5. MagWrite - wallcoverings explained

MagWrite - advice on pens and cleaning

MagWrite - edging trim and seams

MagWrite - user guide

MagWrite - decorator guide

6. MagPaintable - Explained

MagPaintable - features and benefits

7. Custom Wallcoverings and Magnets Explained

Custom Wallcoverings

Custom Magnets

8. MagLite and MagPlus Magnets Explained

Are Magnets safe?

Can I use any fridge magnets on MagScapes wallcoverings?