alexa Wall Panels - Glass and Steel Panels for Uneven Walls | MagScapes

MagGlass - Smooth Glass Panels for uneven Walls

Want to use whiteboard or chalk pens and magnets on Brick or Tile walls? No problem, use MagGlass for coloured panels or MagSteel for white boards.

The toughened 4mm glass is super smooth for a great writing experience and being steel backed means it also accepts magnets. 

MagGlass comes with satin metal studs and clever 2.5 cm floating spacers for fixing to brick or tile wall with standard screws.

MagSteel is an aluminium framed steel panel that comes in a range of sizes.

MagPanels Range includes:

  • MagGlass Colours - smaller panels in a wide range of colours
  • MagGlass Monochrome - larger panels in white or black
  • MagSteel - steel faced panels in a wide range of sizes